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Both Wear
[AK BOM] - Bento Head #03 BETA Vers. 0.92
Osale for 1000L$ Only Group Members 
until official release!! then returns tnormal price 5000L$
More Info HERE

Clef de Peau .Sasha < --[on the left]
 [on the right] --> Clef de Peau.Mary
PS: Both skin was created for GENUS
but BOM system fits very well on [AK BOM] Bento Head
Both Wear
Clef de Peau.RunAway Dress & Sleeves @ Anthem
Ade - Issa Hairstyle  < --[on the left]
Ade - Psycho Hairstyle   [on the right] -->
MINIMAL- Joker Stairs Backdrop @Uber  Event
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