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#646.. Lazy Sunday.

lock&tuft  - soldier men's MOM
Legal Insanity - Dylan tank top FaMESHed 
Legal Insanity - Leon capris sweats
STRAY DOG - RAGNAR @Uber  Event*
 kunst  - Ra Set @ kustom9

Trompe Loeil - Cagivi Industrial Skybox @Uber  Event*
 kunst  The Brewery @ the Pocket Gacha
Bar table ULTRA RARE
Beer taps (a) RARE
Beer taps (b) RARE
Menu chalkboard
Brew barrel 50L
Brew glass tulip / mat (a)
Brew glass / tulip (full)
Ingredients frames
Industrial ceiling lamp
Know your craft frame
Glassware for your beer frame
Table & stools (a)
Table & stools (b)
Beers on tap chalkboard
Chalkboard's wall lamp
Beer cans x4
Growlers 1L.
Growlers 2L. 
Tulip glasses x6
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Aimee Version ♥
Tune ♩♪♫♬ 

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