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"Callin' Your Name"

[bade]  Hair - Bryce @ TSS Summer Opens July 10th!

[ Excellence ] jeans_Smile_Black

[Deadwool] Full beard - black


RK Poses. Shades of cool  
 [ kunst ] - Absinthe bottle
..::THOR::.. Refurnished Pickup Bar
..::THOR::.. Refurnished Rim Stool
..::THOR::.. Thor Pilsener Bottle
..::THOR::.. Draft Beer Serving
..::THOR::.. Recycled Can Lamp @ The Crossroads
                            7 - Payphone Sign @ The Crossroads 
BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Vintage Poster (Trumpet)
BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Vintage Poster (Guitar) 
AS Cigarette 

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