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+ 8 DESIGNE + Thomas skins NEW  

(epia) - American Officer Formal MASTERPACK 

''The American Officer Formal comes with the following features:
    * Fully menu-controllable. Simply type "/1changeformal" in local chat to open it up.
    * Loads of customization! The color packs include the option to change the undershirt to 7 colors (black/blue/brown/gray/green/red/white) , and the buttons to 3 colors (gold/silver/black), but with the masterpack you are able to individually change the jacket and pants/skirt to 6 colors(black/blue/brown/gray/green/red) aswell!
    * Pants/Skirt can be taken off by menu for those who have other replacing bottom mesh clothing.
    *3D modeled to fit. Comes in 3 sizes (S/M/L) along with several alpha layers.
    * Material maps included.''
    (epia) - Dress Shoes MASTERPACK 
    '' customize your brand new dress shoes, simply left-click them or type ''/1changeshoes'' in local chat''

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