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+ 8 DESIGNE + ARROW skins TAN NEW!!!!!

(epia) - Military Boonie Hat 
The Military Boonie Hat comes with the following features: 
    * Fully menu-controllable. Simply left-click to open it up.
    * 13 Hat, 5 strap, and 16 patch options (including plenty of nation flags!)
    * Main cloth part and strap are individually changeable. As is the flag patch.
    * Only 3 land impact; can be used as decor without eating too many prims.
    * Both re-sizable by menu and manually. 
    * 3D modeled to fit. Works for both male and females.

(epia) - Military Glasses  

 The military glasses have several features, including a menu with 7 frame and 8 lens textures, plus transparency and resize options. On top of that, the glasses' position can be toggled between up and down.

[R3] - Xerath Pants [V2] 

[R3] - Xerath Pants [V2] INCLUDES  A Texture Change HUD Whit 15  Options!! 

[R3] - Trevor Double Shirt [V3]

[R3] - Trevor Double Shirt [V3]: Texture change HUD with 15 textures for the shirt, sleeves and scarf.

[SB] - Skate Men's (4 colors) [v2] 

4 Colors as before. Resizer script to help with the fit, as necessary.

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