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GLASSES - Billionair'z Eyewear Blk2.0  

(epia) - Formal Business Suit MASTERPACK 

(epia) - Dress Shoes MASTERPACK 

[LANEVO] HAIRBASE - No.03 (Dura Black)

Formal Business Suit : To customize your brand new suit, type ''/1 changesuit'' in local chat.
  there are 9 color options for the Blazer, Waistcoast, Undershirt, Trousers, Necktie, and Handkerchief, the Colorpacks only include these options for the Necktie, Handkerchief and Undershirt.

Additionally, with all packs you will have the menu option to hide your pants and shirt. However, the pants are only intended to be taken off separately, or -together- with the shirt. Just hiding the shirt by itself may result in alpha layer issues!

Dress Shoes : To customize your brand new dress shoes, simply left-click them or type ''/1changeshoes'' in local chat.

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