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CAP (epia) - Military Cap   MarketPlace

Plate Carrier (epia) - Plate Carrier (w/ Crotch Shield) MarketPlace

Headset  (epia) - Tactical Military Headset MarketPlace
CARGO [R3] - Jason Military Cargo [V2] (Comes with texture-change HUD that includes 15 pant color options and 15 belts.)

BOOTS **DECO - MESH Rivet Boots (coal)**

Lighting System  LUMIPro


LOOKERS (epia) - Locker (Group Auth. Givers) MarketPlace

Bunkbed (epia) - Army Bunkbed MarketPlace (This Army Bunkbed comes with 11 single animations. It also has the ability to sit on with 2 people at the same time, and the entire thing is only 4 prims.)

To change your brand new plate carrier's colour, type ''/1 changecarrier'' in local chat, or simply left click it.
The entire plate carrier is modifiable, so you have the ability to resize it or scale it down if needed. You could also put on your own patch texture on it if preferred.

To change your brand new military cap's colour, type ''/1 changecap'' in local chat, or simply left click it.  

To change your brand new tactical military headset color just simply left-click it. It also comes with a radio communications channel feature in the menu. In there you can set the channel you want to use, and start talking to your friends wearing the same headset if they have the same set channel!

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