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Luna Fatale Creations Couples Animated Drafting Table "Steampunk

~ Animated drafting table, stool with pre-loaded Steampunk related drawings: 14 LI/PE total 
~ Green shade "banker's" desk lamp (Touch On/Off) 
~ Six (6) Antique Drafting Table lamps (Touch On/Off) 
~ Two (2) Matching File Cabinets (Touch Open/Close drawers) 
~ Matching Tarnished Bronze Waste Basket 
~ Steampunk Specific Desk & Drafting props to rez and wear

Luna Fatale Creations  Drafting / Drawing Accessories & Props

~Drafting scale (3-sided) 
~Drafting rule (2-sided) 
~Five (5) colored mechanical pencils 
~Leather bound and cloth bound reference books 
~Ceramic coffee mug filled w/pencils, dividers & rule 
~45/90 triangle 
~Classic spin mechanical pencil sharpener

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