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(epia)  - Micro Tank V1.3   @ The Mens Dept

(epia)  - Commando Beret @ The Mens Dept

Micro Tank V1.3   HUD Buttons
Start: Rezzes the tank's vehicle base.
    - Sit on this to start the tank.
    - Stand up to stop it.
    - Base will die if stopped or destroyed.
    - Uses RLV to auto-sit. (Enable "Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa)" in preferences.)
Reload: Reloads the tank's main gun.
    - Will not reload if full or already reloading.
    - The main-gun holds 100(101) bullets.
    - It will take 4 seconds (5 if empty) to reload the main gun.
Dialog: Opens the LLDialog system for the tank.
    - This can also be accessed by clicking the tank's body.
Everything else: Changes the tank's skin to the shown texture(s).
    - Colors include: Desert, Brown, Black, Snow, Pink, Red, Green, and Navy.

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