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Moose Clothing - Hamilton Blazer Black

CHOP ZUEY  Enigma Variations Mens Necklace

(epia) - Damion Jeans 
'' Every Pixel is Art. To change your brand new Damion Jeans color just simply attach your HUD, and select a color.''

(epia) - Sweet Kicks  TMD
''The Sweet Kicks come with the following features:
    * Customization is fully HUD controllable.
    * Loads of color options! With 11 shoe parts to individually change, each can be set to one of the 10 available colors.
    * Left and right shoes can be edited separately by enabling the L and R button at the top of the HUD.
    * Re-sizable by HUD. Use the bottom bar in the HUD and move to the left or right to resize.
    * Shoe base and alpha are included.
    * High quality mesh and texture work.''

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